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  1. recolornerf.jpg
    RecolorNeRF: Layer Decomposed Radiance Fields for Efficient Color Editing of 3D Scenes
    Bingchen GongYuehao WangXiaoguang Han, and Qi Dou
    In Proceedings of the 31st ACM International Conference on Multimedia, 2023
  2. seamlessnerf.png
    SeamlessNeRF: Stitching Part NeRFs with Gradient Propagation
    Bingchen GongYuehao WangXiaoguang Han, and Qi Dou
    In SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 Conference Papers, 2023


  1. metafusion.png
    Structure-Aware Meta-Fusion for Image Super-Resolution
    Haoyu Ma, Bingchen Gong, and Yizhou Yu
    ACM Trans. Multimedia Comput. Commun. Appl., Feb 2022


  1. mepcn.jpg
    ME-PCN: Point Completion Conditioned on Mask Emptiness
    Bingchen GongYinyu Nie, Yiqun Lin, Xiaoguang Han, and Yizhou Yu
    In Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), Oct 2021


  1. dtsn.png
    Image Super-Resolution via Deterministic-Stochastic Synthesis and Local Statistical Rectification
    Weifeng GeBingchen Gong, and Yizhou Yu
    ACM Trans. Graph., Dec 2018


  1. tamp.png
    Tamp: A Library for Compact Deep Neural Networks with Structured Matrices
    Bingchen GongBrendan JouFelix Yu, and Shih-Fu Chang
    In Proceedings of the 24th ACM International Conference on Multimedia, Dec 2016


  1. audeo-siggraph2015.png
    Audeosynth: Music-Driven Video Montage
    Zicheng Liao, Yizhou YuBingchen Gong, and Lechao Cheng
    ACM Trans. Graph., Jul 2015